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Plastic Media Blasting -

In order to achieve a truly superior paint or powder coating job you first have to strip off the old paint or powder. The fastest, safest and least damaging way to remove paint from almost any surface is Plastic Media Blasting.  Plastic Media Blasting can be used to remove paint from aluminum, steel, fiberglass, graphite composite, kevlar, ceramic, and carbon fiber surfaces.

Plastic Media Blasting (not to be confused with sandblasting) is a dry abrasive blasting process, designed to replace chemical paint stripping and conventional sand blasting. This process uses soft, angular plastic particles as the blasting medium.

Sand blasting, while ideal for some heavy steel parts, can literally ruin sheet metal. Due to the pressure and heat generated by most sand-blasting procedures (85 - 100 psi), a car body can be warped beyond repair. Plastic media blasting will not warp sheet metal because of the low air pressures used (15 - 40 psi); and, because of it's non-abrasive nature, will not remove any material from the metal itself.  It is however, efficient at removing paint, powder coating and old plastic body filler.

Other than wood, there are few restrictions to plastic media, and it is the most environmentally friendly method available.